1. Q.  On what date of each month can I expect to receive the CD package?
    A.  The CD package will be mailed via first class USPS on the 20th of each month and you can expect to receive it within a few days thereafter.

  2. Q.  What are the billing procedures?
    A.  An invoice will accompany each monthly CD package. Payment is due by the 20th of each month to ensure that the following month's CD package will be produced and sent out to your station.

  3. Q.  Can monthly fees be paid in advance in order to simplify our bookkeeping?
    A.  Yes. And please keep in mind that if you advise us that you wish to suspend or cancel the service on a particular date, any unused payment amounts will immediately be refunded.

  4. Q.  Can we obtain referrals from other clients of yours?
    A.  Yes. Call or email us and we will gladly supply you the applicable information.

  5. Q.  Can our station submit input or make suggestions pertaining to the content of future editions of the CD package?
    A.  Definitely!  We sincerely welcome any such feedback and recommendations from our client stations.

  6. Q.  Apart from the monthly CD package, can New Life Productions produce other customized audio projects which our station may need?
    A.  Absolutely. Simply advise us of your requirements and we will will do the rest.

  1. Q.  How much can I expect to pay for my audio project?
    A.  Cost varies depending on the project size and time allotment. You will find that our rates are considerably less than our competitors, as we do not require agency fees.

  2. Q.  What types of audio projects can you produce and what are the costs involved?
    A.  We have a broad range of capabilities and experience in this area, but it would obviously be best to call and speak with one of our representatives to discuss your specific requirements. At that time, we can provide a precise quote on the cost as determined by the scope of the project.

  3. Q.  When might we expect to receive the end product once the final order has been placed?
    A.  Normally we require about 10 days to complete a customized audio project, but this interval can vary either way depending on the amount of work that is involved. The representative with whom you speak will provide you with more precise information.

  4. Q.  Can audio projects be produced in any languages other than English?
    A.  Not at the present time.
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