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As more people are listening to Christian radio than ever before, New Life Productions is aligning itself with non-commercial and listener-supported stations by producing customized spots and liners designed specifically for fund-raising and station imaging purposes. Since most stations do not have the staffing resources or budget necessary to produce on-going support and imaging spots, our service to you can free up valuable time while reducing excessive production costs.

For example, if you were to produce comparable spots using your own station resources, you would have to allocate several hundred dollars per month on script writing, voice-overs, music license, production costs, and so on. For most stations, it is much more advantageous to rely on another source such as New Life Productions to provide this essential service.

  What We Provide  

Each month you will receive a unique New Life Support and Imaging Package CD which contains 6-8 support spots (30 and 60 seconds) designed to air in your station's stop set rotation. All the spots will be voiced for your station by 4 to 5 professional voice-talents each month. Included in the monthly package will be:

1. 6 customized support spots with specific references to your station by the mention of call letters, slogans, website address, phone numbers, or whatever other information you may designate to identify your station. Since these spots are appropriate for airing year round, they will make an effective complement to your locally scheduled fund-raising events, and are effectively used for the purpose of:

  • Encouraging support from new and established listeners on a continuing basis and to solicit their financial assistance.
  • Reminding listeners to follow up on their pledges.
  • Thanking listeners for their gifts and donations to the station.

2. Five customized ministry/encouragement spots branded with your station's identification information, thereby projecting a local imaging presence. Following are some examples of what these spots will include:

  • Artist Music Promos based on station format insight, and inspirational messages.
  • On-the-street interviews taken with people at random with the aim of providing a glimpse of mainstream society and also of extending an outreach from your station to the community.
  • Ministry Topics which address contemporary issues with respect to Christian values. These spots offer encouragement, hope, and inspiration to listeners who rely on your station to provide a degree of solace and comfort in our hectic environment.

New features will be periodically added.

As a bonus, we provide a separate Sharathon Event CD which will feature customized creative spots and liners designed for airing before, during, and after your Sharathon event. This CD is availble for $200 for non-subscribers, and just $85 for monthly-subscribers (free for the first year).

  Try It!  

Listen to our website Demo and decide if this product may be for you. If so, get in touch with us and we will prepare the first month's CD package at no cost. We will then continue sending you a new CD package each month for a monthly fee of $85 unless you advise otherwise. We require no contracts whatsoever.

You may order online by clicking on the sign-up icon below or by calling us at 719-243-4122. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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