Radio Imaging and Support Package  
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Media Type:   AM FM
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Invoice Preference:   Mail Email
Email Address:  
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Business Phone:  
License:   Commercial Non-Commercial
Listening Area (as said on air):  
Part of a network?:   Yes No
If yes, name the network:  
Is your station listener-supported?:   Yes No
Does your station allow for underwriting?:   Yes No
Format:   CHR AC INSP
Legal ID:  
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Alternate branding:  
On-air Phone Number
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Web site Address:  
Donate Online?:   Yes No
Stream Online?:   Yes No
Does your station conduct Fundraising events?   Yes No
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Yes, please send our station the New Life Support and Imaging package. We understand that we will receive the first CD at no cost. If we chose to continue, we will automatically be billed $85 (additional fees apply for mulitple full-power stations) for each monthly CD that is produced for our station. If we choose not to continue, we must contact New Life Productions to cancel service within the 30 days of the product order date. We also understand that this agreement may be cancelled at anytime with 30 days advance notice.
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